Flesh Chair by Nanna Kiil

This flesh chair was inspired by the overweight humans, using a wrinkled breed of dog for inspiration. This was created by Nanna Kiil, a student designer from Stockholm. At first sight it makes you feel a little uneasy, but definitely sounds comfortable!

Check it out here

Snow Patterns by Simon Beck

These are amazing! To think of the amount of patience it takes to complete each one is mind boggling. The patterns so delicate and unique in their own way. Read more

Photography by Brooke DiDonato

Love this surreal dreamy style of Brooke DiDonato’s photography. She’s a fine art and portrait photographer based out of NYC.


Sagmeister @ MOCA @ The Pacific Design Center - Great show. Go see it.

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Kaleidoscope Floors

These mesmerizing floor installations by a Dutch artist Suzan Drummen are composed of carefully placed mirrors, crystals and glass. What’s amazing is that they are not attached to the floor in any way and just sit loosely on top of it during exhibitions.

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Underwater Photography

I recently came across photography by Susanne Stemmer and fell in love! Her underwater series takes you into a dreamlike place where you feel weightless and free, just like the models she uses. Check out for yourself!

Underwater River

An underwater river, called Cenote Angelita (photographed by Anatoly Beloshchin) looks amazing and surreal, but is actually caused by different levels of salinity in the water. This effect is called halocline.

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Photo Mosaic

This might appear as 4 separate photos, but it’s actually one. Pretty neat!

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